Welcome to q christian fellowship

Q Christian Fellowship cultivates radical belonging among LGBTQ+ people and allies through a commitment to growth, community, and relational justice. We are a diverse community with varied backgrounds, cultures, theologies and denominations, drawn together through our love of Christ and our belief that every person is a beloved child of God. Learn more about who we are on our About page!

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2020 Conference: THE GREAT COMMUNION

Join us for the 2020 Q Christian Fellowship Conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, January 2nd-5th! This year’s gathering is called The Great Communion; as we grow as an organization, we have discerned the need to shift our posture in critical conversation from one of debating who is right to one centered on the fellowship made possible through Christ: The Great Communion. Along with incredible keynote speakers and breakout session leaders, we’ll have Affinity Gatherings for Clergy, People of Color, Trans and Gender-Expansive identities, and more!

Unchanged Movement

As a counter to the resurgence of conversion therapy in branded church spaces, we’ve created a resource for LGBTQ+ Christians to read stories and find resources from Christians who have navigated repression, trauma, and conversion therapy.

Online Community

Q Christian Fellowship has a thriving, private online community with thousands of LGBTQ+ Christian members. We desire to facilitate a space for relationship and growth. Visit community.qchristian.org to join our forum!