Affirmation and Relational Guides

Q Christian Fellowship has designed 4 new foundational resources for our community, authored by Tonetta Landis-Aina, B.T. Harman, Taj Smith, and Danny Cortez. The Affirmation Guides will focus on the intersection of sexuality, identity, ethics, and spirituality, and we'll offer Relational Guides for clergy and parents of newly out children. We're so excited to share what we've been working on!

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Sexuality and Spirituality

Affirmation Guide | Rev. Tonetta Landis-Aina

Q Christian has designed and edited our first Affirmation Guide on Sexuality and Spirituality, authored by Rev. Tonetta Landis-Aina. This seminal resource covers various ethical postures considered by members of the LGBTQ+ Christian community, featuring dozens of quotes from additional scholars, theologians, writers, poets, and more. No matter the sexual ethics you have adopted as part of your journey, you'll find this work to be significant and applicable for you.

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This question of how one’s beliefs inform one’s actions is as old as the Christian Church and much older. Such concerns are at the heart of the Ten Commandments and the covenant economics enshrined in the books of the Torah. The later prophets of ancient Israel were as passionate as their forebears about how belief in God should affect one’s posture toward the widow, the foreigner, and the orphan. In the New Testament, Jesus teaches about how allegiance to God influences the choices we make about power, sex, and money, choices that are lived out through the body. The same is true of all the writings of the New Testament beyond the Gospels. Reflected in these sacred writings are questions about eating food sacrificed to idols, handling sexual desire, and mixing with Gentiles, the ideological “other” of the day. These are all ethical questions about how faith is to be telegraphed through the body.
— Rev. Tonetta Landis-Aina


Trans and Gender-Expansive Identities

Affirmation Guide | Taj Smith

Q Christian’s second Affirmation Guide was authored by Taj Smith. This guide is designed to counter the idea that transgender and gender-expansive people cannot be Christians. This guide is also meant to support anyone who is and/or loves someone who is transgender. Taj dives into the Scriptural, theological, and relational affirmation of trans people in this foundational resource.

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Whether you identify as transgender or consider yourself a cisgender ally, this guide aims to help you find resources for spiritual comfort and affirmation. Regardless of your church affiliation (or non-affiliation) or your political leanings, there is something in this guide for everyone with ties to the transgender community. Its existence is a sign of hope for trans people seeking comfort in their Christian faith.
— Taj Smith


Parents of Newly Out LGBTQ+ People

Relational Guide | B.T. Harman

Q Christian’s first Relational Guide, Parents of Newly Out LGBTQ+ People, was authored by B.T. Harman, creator of Blue Babies Pink and founder of Harbor. Parents of newly out LGBTQ+ children are thrust into a situation where they need to quickly and often unexpectedly develop a new language and practice of expressing unconditional love for their child. This Relational Guide serves as a first step into that journey.

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I beg you to love your child at all costs. Love them with your words and actions. The way you love (or don’t love) them through this vulnerable, tender season will forever affect your relationship with them. Always, always, always err on the side of love.
— B.T. Harman

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