Looking Forward in 2018

In the Fall of 2017, we asked for your opinions. We were in the middle of our transition as a community and you shared your thoughts and concerns. From that incredible feedback we were able to identify aspects you felt to be imperatives for the future of Q Christian Fellowship. ‘Fostering self-acceptance’ was the number one response to the question that asked you to prioritize the various aspects of our mission statement. While all aspects of the mission statement have their place and function, we heard you asking for Q Christian to help empower the lives of LGBTQIA Christians.

As we have held discussions with volunteers and community members, many have asked about the next phase of the Q Christian work and community. Many of you are seeking to learn how to live out your faith in a public way that leaves you feeling empowered, confident, and fulfilled. In response, we have been busy planning and building to meet your requests. As we start our new fiscal year, you will see new developments, offerings, and openness from the organization. We are thrilled to bring you content and resources that will empower you to take what you have learned about the Bible and integrate that knowing it into your daily lives, particularly as a means of fostering self-acceptance that leaves a impact on Christianity and the world.

Things to look out for:

Community Events Initiative

We are very excited to launch a new initiative that will enable us to support and endorse local and regional events benefiting our community. Whether you are simply wanting Q Christian to advertise your event, or provide resources to ensure your event’s success, the Community Events Initiative will give you access to the support of Q Christian Fellowship. This program will give you access to more opportunities for community and fellowship throughout the year and close to home. You can see upcoming opportunities on our Events Page.   

Resources for Churches, Parents, and Allies

Q Christian has long stood as a beacon of wisdom, a well of influential personal stories, and resources that guide the conversation on sexuality and the Bible. The Q Christian staff are working to produce content that will help take these healing and educational resources to churches, parents, and allies outside of our community. Many have asked for resources that will empower LGBTQIA Christians to have discussion of inclusion with non-affirming ministers. Several non-affirming parents have asked for resources on understanding the LGBTQIA Christian experience. With the help of staff and Q Christian community members, resources like these are coming!


Monthly updates will continue to find their way to your inbox. We want you to know about current events at Q Christian, meet members within the fold, and read the thoughts and wisdom of those who comprise our community. We also find it important that you know how your donations are hard at work, as well as the financial status of organization. Q Christian is absolutely nothing without the community and we want to honor your investments, financially, relationally, and spiritually. We hope you enjoy the monthly touchpoint!


Of course, the Q Christian staff will continue to plan the Annual Conference. In 2019 we will gather in Chicago from January 10th through 13th! We have some great ideas that need to be ironed into perfection. We are excited, though, to share with you some fun changes to the calendar of events!

Annual Report

In the coming months we will be issuing our Annual Report, so that you know what the organization looks like from the inside out. Be on the look out for this very important document to learn about the specifics of Q Christian Fellowship. 

Online Learning School

In the months to come, Q Christian will be assembling a speaker’s bureau. This will gather the talent and wisdom of those of you in the community who wish to make an impact. The content produced by the speaker’s bureau will be made available to the community so that we can journey alongside of one another throughout the year. Whether you are part of a local group or wish to join a small group online, the content of the speaker’s bureau will provide a spiritual path for the Q Christian community all year long!

Fundraising Plan

Q Christian is predominantly supported by your individual monthly pledges and one-time gifts. In Q Christian’s 2018 fiscal year community members—just like you— gave an astonishing $278,161.58! I am continually astounded by the generosity and unity of the Q Christian community. Your individual contributions brought in 81% of our general budget. The fundraising plan we have written will help us recover the remaining 19% in our 2019 fiscal year. Please be in prayer that Q Christian continues to financially stabilize so that our message can continue to reach the rejected and hurting.

Q Christian Fellowship has the ability to change the way the world understands God’s love for all. I said this at conference, and I’ll say it one more time: God is using the authenticity of sexual and gender minorities to teach the majority how to love unconditionally. As a community we hold immense power. Tremors of our impact have been felt throughout the world, and I say, “Why stop now?” Our mission is too great.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your generosity and commitment to the Q Christian Community. We would not be here without you. I look forward to seeing Q Christian Fellowship continue to thrive. I hope you are equally excited to stay in the movement.  

A big hug to you all,

Isaac Archuleta
Interim Executive Director