Over a decade ago, members of this organization began a pivotal conversation which centered on The Great Debate: Side A or Side B positions on same-sex relationships. Many found The Great Debate position statements to be pivotal in the journey to reconciling faith in Christ and LGBTQ+ identities. Yet, others felt left out of the conversation because the positions did not fully represent the entire spectrum of perspectives.

Many felt adrift.

The Great Debate did not take into account any journey outside the A/B perspectives. It is also true that many found themselves between Side A and Side B for quite some time, seeking peace while dwelling in the mystery. As we grow as an organization, we have discerned the need to shift our posture in this critical conversation from one of debating who is right to one centered on the fellowship made possible through Christ: The Great Communion.

It is true that The Great Debate created safety for thousands, wielded helpful language, and fortified confidences in our theological determinations, which all varied from person to person. And now, in an era of wonderful theological diversity–with our various histories, opinions, and perspectives–we are all invited to the same banquet table for yet another exchange. Whether or not you identify with one side of the debate or another, we invite you to commune and exchange your stories side by side.

Q Christian Fellowship is committed to radical belonging because our goal is to place emphasis on the spiritual journey, the ever-evolving spectrum of spiritual formation, as a means of respecting God’s children. With all of our opinions and questions, challenges and successes, confidences and fears, Q Christian is committed to modeling the liberation first initiated by Jesus Christ–the liberation of all God’s children, including the LGBTQ+.