q cHRISTIAN Small groups

Interested in joining a Small Group this Fall?

We have 10 groups available this Fall that are now open to participants! Small Groups are split up by timezone and affinity group, but participants may join any group that fits with their schedule. If you would like to sign up for a small group, complete the form below the Small Group Schedule.

Update 10/9:

We have had an amazing number of participants express interest in small groups! We will do our best to accommodate your first group choice, but please note that PST, CST #2, EST #1, EST #2, EST #3, Coming Out and MST/Allies groups are full for the season. All other groups still have a limited number of slots available!

Small Groups are scheduled to begin the week of September 30th

Group: Time: Leader(s):
MST & Allies Sundays, 5-6PM MST Adam Marshall-Lopez & Lindsay Simineo-FULL
PST Mondays, 4-5PM PST Bailey Brawner- FULL
Coming Out Mondays, 7-8PM CST Alysha Laperche- FULL
CST #1 Tuesdays, 10AM CST Kelly Shoenfelt
EST #1 Tuesdays, 6-7PM EST Peter Fenton & Lenny Wrigley- FULL
College Tuesdays, 6:30-7:30PM PST David Solis & Kyle Desrosiers
EST #2 Wednesdays, 6-7PM EST Barry Dixon & Brian O'Dell- FULL
EST #3 Wednesdays, 7-8PM EST Lorae Bonamy- FULL
EST #4 Thursdays, 1-2PM EST Mark Snider
CST #2 Thursdays, 6-7PM CST Kaila Adams & Arthur Petravich-FULL

Small Group Sign-up

The safety of those who may not be publicly out of the closet is our utmost priority. The following information will be used for record keeping purposes only. Small group participants are not required to disclose their real name or use the video function in their small group. The personal information submitted here will not be shared publicly or privately, in person or electronically, with anyone other than Q Christian staff members and small group leaders. A valid email address is required to contact participants regarding small group details.

Before signing up, read through Q Christian’s Small Group Guidelines.

Name (Legal name not required) *
Name (Legal name not required)
Your first choice for a small group time. Your second choice or third choice will be used if the preferred group is at capacity.
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