Introducing the Q Christian Fellowship

In 2001, when our founder put together “Gay” and “Christian” it was nothing short of revolutionary.

It sent a prophetic shockwave! It was a ray of hope!

Over the course of 16 years, this organization has lived beyond its name; inviting everyone under the LGBTQIA umbrella to come together and encounter Jesus. At Conference last year, Justin Lee announced from the stage that GCN would change its name to reflect the inclusivity and diversity of our community.  

Since then we have engaged in an intensive process of discernment, reflection, and investigation, led by experts in the field, the staff, and a sub-committee of the Board. We have taken a profoundly deep dive into who we are, and who we are becoming.

We are grateful to you, the community, for being a part of this process by responding to the survey we distributed before the retreat. Letting us know what this organization means to you, your hopes and dreams, and what matters most to you in a new name, kept you front and center in our discussions.

And so it is with joy that we announce our new name:


Christian” — This community desires our Christian identity, which unites us all, to remain central to the name. We agree and have honored that.

Q” — A letter we recognize from the acronym that introduces the LGBTQIA community to the world, in this context means so much more. When the name is spoken, you can hear another part of who we are brought forward. Our community – the gifts, the struggles, the grace, the shining faith we see in all of you – is a cue. Cueing us up for just what the church and world needs. Together, we can be a reminder or a “cue” to inspire by our presence in the world a way toward true Christian fellowship. 

And of course “Q” also implies the word “Queer.” What queerer thing is there than our Christ as both divine and human. We are living into the queerness, the strangeness of our faith and the ways that God has created us.

Within the letter Q, as designed for our logo, the instantly recognizable symbol for Christian identity, the fish, is seamlessly integrated within a rainbow spectrum – signaling that our identity as a community encompasses both faith and life in all its beautiful diversity.

Q also reflects the fact that we welcome “Questions”. We are making a bold statement that questions are welcome and healthy. We honor your questions.

Forming connections remains at the heart of who we are. For indeed we are a “Fellowship.” Ours is a connection born of faith, going beyond mere introduction or interaction, grounded in the Spirit and expressed in daily life. The relationships that form at our Annual Conference, in events like the WomenConnect Retreat, the Parents’ Retreat or Youth Retreat, in the regional gatherings that take place throughout the year bind us together in true and abiding fellowship. Now that fellowship is reflected in the way we identify ourselves to the world.

We are one body, with many diverse members, and our relatedness through Christ enriches all of us. We belong; we are accepted; and in that fellowship we thrive.

With love,
Isaac Archuleta & The Board