An Update As Q Christian Fellowship Looks to the Future

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“A year ago, Q Christian Fellowship made a bold step of faith to hire a three-person Executive Leadership Team (ELT). As the ELT came up for assessment, the Board of Directors acknowledged that continuing with three part-time, bi-vocational executives living in different geographical regions and different time zones is no longer tenable for the robust leadership the ministry needs moving forward.

Therefore, we are excited to announce that Bukola Landis-Aina will continue to provide strong leadership in the role of Executive Director of Q Christian Fellowship. Bukola knows the QCF community well, embodies deep commitment to QCF’s core values, has demonstrated her priority of collaboratively engaging diverse perspectives, and has the vision to take the ministry into a bright future.

We are so grateful for the commitment of Isaac Archuleta, who served as interim director for one year and then a second year on the ELT. We wish him all the best as he refocuses his energies on his wonderful therapeutic practice, I AM Clinic. We are also grateful for the work of Sam Locke, who served on the ELT the past year. We congratulate Sam on his graduation with his Master of Divinity degree and wish him well as he seeks a ministry position that will enable him to live fully into his vocation.

Thank you for your ongoing prayers and support of Q Christian Fellowship. We look forward to seeing you at Conference or one of our other gatherings.”

Ben Mann

Chair, Q Christian Fellowship

From the ELT


Isaac Archuleta

“During the last 20 months I have thoroughly enjoyed all of my time with Q Christian Fellowship. I was honored to serve as the Interim Executive Director and one of three Co-Executive Directors. Sam and Bukola taught me many things and I love both of them dearly, just as much as I love the beautiful members of the Q Christian community. My decision to pass the baton will allow me to properly manage my growing clinic and continue my life’s work in the greater LGBTQ+ community, where the messages of self-acceptance and unconditional love need yet to be heard.

My time in leadership at this incredible and needed organization has been a gift I will never take for granted. I look forward to being with you on the beach at Conference 2020! Until then, a big hug to you all.”

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Bukola Landis-Aina

“It has been a joy and a privilege to serve alongside Isaac Archuleta and Sam Locke during one of the most pivotal times in our organization's history. In such a short time, we quickly bonded and came to value one another's gifts and viewpoints. I truly believe in the power of a collaborative model of leadership. We are a testament to the fact that diversity and collaboration among leaders can carry an organization into a new era of growth and sustainability.

I am excited to continue this journey and will always be grateful for what I have learned from my dear friends- Sam and Isaac. As we look forward, I am excited to carry forth the vision that has been cast by the Board and ELT. Expect to hear more about the fruit of our collective labor next week.”


“It’s been my joy and honor to work alongside Isaac and Bukola leading the Q Christian community. As my ministry unfolds following my recent seminary graduation, I look forward to staying connected to this important work and the amazing people I’ve met and collaborated with. Tedious as it seems at times, we really are renewing the church. Q Christian is in great hands with Bukola and I’ll do whatever I can to support her during this time of transition.”

Sam Locke