Susan Shopland


Susan is a licensed psychologist who has worked in the mental health field for more than 30 years. She is also the biological mother of two children and the informal foster mom of three more (all adults), as well as the grandmother of two. Susan grew up as the daughter (and granddaughter) of Presbyterian missionaries in Egypt. The challenge of adjusting to life in an American high school when her family returned to the U.S. taught her an enduring empathy for those who don’t “fit in”. She graduated from Bethany College in West Virginia in 1977, earning an interdisciplinary B.A. in literature and psychology. She earned an M.A. in Clinical Psychology in 1984, and a PsyD in 1995.

Susan got involved in 2010 at the suggestion of her gay son, with whom she has co-led workshops for families at GCN Conferences. She lives in Indiana, PA with her husband, Mark.