2020 Conference

SPecial Events

As part of registering for the 2020 Conference, we’re offering a variety of special activities, gatherings, and workshops for you to choose from as add-ons. These provide us opportunities to gather and build community in small groups throughout Conference.

Affinity Gatherings

Our identities and experiences can bring us together into beautiful, smaller communities. We call these Affinity Gatherings, and at Conference, we’re offering these opportunities:


With Tasha Mitchell and Erica Lea-Smika

This is a gathering for non-binary, trans, and cisgender women to gather, rest, and celebrate.

Trans and Gender-Expansive

With Austen Hartke and Laura Beth Buchleiter

This is a gathering for trans and gender-expansive folks to find solidarity with one another, encouragement, and community at Conference.


With Kipp Nelson and Sarah Ngu

In this Affinity Gathering, we honor and celebrate clergy with space to decompress, find belonging, and grow in community outside of a church.

LGBTQ+ Families

Q+ Families are those with parents and children who are part of the LGBTQ+ community. We strive to provide space for growth in knowledge and belonging together.

People of Color

With Darren Calhoun and Tasha Mitchell

“We want to establish a protective space that's for us and by us where we are free to express our experiences and hopes as an underrepresented group within the queer minority.” (Darren Calhoun)

Side B

With Melinda Melone and Scott Kingry

There are LGBTQ+ Christians who are committed to celibacy or mixed-orientation marriage as a lifelong path in spiritual obedience. Join us at the Side B Affinity Gathering for an opportunity to be encouraged and loved by other members of the Side B community.

Enneagram Workshop

With Bryce Williams

The Enneagram is a powerful ancient spiritual tool used to understand oneself and those around you better. Based on motivation, it fully captures the vast array of human personality in a seemingly simple system that continues to prove itself to be infinitely deep. The wisdom of the Enneagram helps lead us to be a more holistic person, offering us healthy ways to thrive as our most authentic self.

These workshops will be about the basics and broken into 3 sessions with time for questions and responses:

  1. Thursday, 5:00PM-7:00PM – Introduction to the Enneagram and the Gut Triad (8,9,1)

  2. Friday, 1:00PM-2:30PM – The Feeling Triad (2,3,4)

  3. Saturday, 1:00PM-2:30PM – The Head Triad (5,6,7)

Bryce has been collaborating with several other LGBTQ+ folks over the last few months to develop all-new materials about the challenges each number will face when coming out of a conservative Christian background. He will also be teaching practical ways to apply the wisdom of the enneagram to enrich relationships with ourselves and those we care about most.

Whether you know nothing or have been studying the enneagram for years, there is something for everyone to discover in these workshops. It is strongly encouraged that you attend all three sessions to gain the most knowledge. Register for the Enneagram Workshop here!

Bryce Williams – Circular HeadshotInstagram-100.jpg

Bryce Williams (he/him) has been studying the Enneagram for five years and teaching introduction workshops for the past year. He has attended several seminars and completed a year-long cohort with the internationally recognized Enneagram Master teacher, Suzanne Stabile. Bryce has a passion for social justice and spent three years working at a non-profit in Shreveport, Louisiana, helping to develop a community literacy and youth mentorship program. He now lives in New Orleans, Louisiana, where he teaches yoga, studies the enneagram, and attends Xavier University pursuing a degree in Studio Art.