Small Group Details

Available Small Groups

  • “Coming Out” Small Group A group for those who are recently out, not out or in the process of coming out

  • College Small Group – For college students anywhere in the U.S and abroad  

  • Pacific Standard Time Small Group – A group for those in PST 

  • Mountain Standard Time Small Group & Allies – A group for those in MST and LGBTQ+ allies

  • Central Standard Time Small Group #1 and #2 Groups for those in CST 

  • Eastern Standard Time Small Group #1, #2, #3 and #4 Groups for those in EST 

Questions and Answers

Can I join a small group in a different time zone than me?


Are these small groups LGBTQ+ identifying only or are there groups for allies? 

The MST small group is open to LGBTQ+ allies and includes an LGBTQ+ ally leader. All other small groups are for LGBTQ+ identifying participants. 

When do they start?

Small groups will begin the week of September 30th.

Are small groups in person or online? 

Small groups are currently offered online. We hope to include in-person groups in the future! 

How do online small groups work?

Small groups will be hosted through a platform called Zoom. Participants and leaders can use video, chat and screen sharing capabilities to engage with the small group materials and each other. You can find out more about how Zoom works here

I’m not out of the closet, will my identity be safe? 

The safety of those who may not be publicly out of the closet is our utmost priority. Small group participants are not required to disclose their real name or use the video function in their small group. The personal information submitted to Q Christian will not be shared publicly or privately, in person or electronically, with anyone other than Q Christian staff members and small group leaders. Participants may disclose as much or as little about themselves as they wish in the small group. What is shared in the group stays in the group. 

What will we talk about in our small group? 

8 weeks of group discussion will revolve around a new resource from Q Christian called the “Affirmation Guide on Sexuality and Spirituality”. This Affirmation Guide addresses a variety of theological and spiritual topics that intersect with LGBTQ+ identities. The final weeks of the small group will center on Q Christian devotional content that will be released prior to the 2020 conference. 

Do I have to attend every week? 

Attendance is by no means mandatory, but what you invest in the group is ultimately what you will get out of it! We hope small groups will become a life-giving part of your week.

When do the Fall small groups end? 

Fall small groups wrap up the week of December 31st to allow leaders and participants the option to meet in person at the 2020 conference.

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