The Brian M. Eckstein Podcast Stage, named for the co-host of our community's legacy radio show (2004-2011), is a venue for attendees to listen and interact with some of today's most influential LGBTQ+ voices on faith, ethics, and sexuality.


A Tiny Revolution Live

Kevin Garcia with Lisa Gungor and Michael gungor

Because all revolutions start off as conversations between friends. That's exactly what A Tiny Revolution is: conversations with ordinary folks living revolutionary lives. Join queer content creator, speaker and activist, Kevin Garcia, and the special musical guests of Q Christian, Lisa and Michael Gungor, for an incredible conversation about evolving faith, mystery, love, nostalgia, Lisa and Michael's more recent projects, creative processes, losing community, finding community, and whatever else happens to come up! You won't want to miss this conversation.



Sarah Elizabeth Smith

Sarah Elizabeth Smith is a theologian, teacher and coach in Oklahoma City, OK at Heritage Hall School. She is in the ordination process in the Episcopal Church Diocese of Oklahoma and leads Pub Theology gatherings for various churches in OKC. Sarah also played softball at the University of Notre Dame where she studied Catholic Systematic Theology and holds two masters degrees—one from Northern Colorado in Sports Administration and one from Vanderbilt University in Theological Ethics. She started the Theosophia podcast in December 2017 to empower and promote women’s voices in theology and religion.


Queer Theology live

Brian Murphy

Brian G. Murphy is a co-founder of, a resource hub and online community for LGBTQ Christians and straight, cisgender supporters which takes “It’s ok to be queer” as the starting point, rather than the finish line of the conversation on faith, sexuality, and gender and explores how queerness can enrich our Christian faith. Brian is also a certified relationship coach, helping folks navigate and build healthy, faithful open or polyamorous relationships.

He studied film production and religion at the University of Southern California, received nonviolence training from civil rights leaders including Rev. Phil Lawson, and has spoken at churches, colleges, and conferences across the country.

Queerology live

Matthias Roberts with David AND Constantino Khalaf

Join Matthias Roberts in conversation with David and Constantino Khalaf for a live recording of Queerology: A Podcast on Belief and Being. Matthias and the Khalafs will be discussing their just-released book, Modern Kinship: A Queer Guide to Christian Marriage, and exploring the intersections of identity, faith, and queerness.


Kaleidoscope live

Deborah Jian Lee with erin james brown

Deborah Jian Lee is the host of Kaleidoscope, a podcast about identity, faith and social engagement in dangerous times. She is also a journalist and the author of Rescuing Jesus: How People of Color, Women and Queer Christians are Reclaiming Evangelicalism. She'll be joined by Erin James-Brown, Kaleidoscope's co-founder and pastor-in-residence. She also serves as a pastor of Urban Village Church in Chicago.

In Kaleidoscope's first-ever live recording, Deborah and Erin will explore the powerful ways storytelling can heal us from heartbreak, trauma, spiritual abuse and more. Along with special guests, the two will unpack the ways we can undo our erasure, reclaim our stories and rewrite our narratives to be more true to our wild, wonderful selves.


Crystal Cheatham with Carla Sofía Vargas Sandoval

Join Crystal Cheatham in a live edition of Lord Have Mercy, a podcast about God, Sex and the Bible. Crystal is the creator of Our Bible app, the #1 place for progressive Christians to find the books, podcasts and daily devotionals they love.

In this live edition she will be speaking with Carla Sofia Vargas, an out lesbian Nicaraguan applying for asylum in Argentina. “I've started an initiative that seeks to start conversations and spaces towards LGBTQ+ inclusion in Central America's Christian churches,” Carla Sofia says. In this candid interview, we will hear about Central America’s high rates of hate crimes towards the LGBTQ+ community, and what Carla Sofia’s group, J4, is doing to help build community in those politically charged countries.