Centered Values



Q Christian Fellowship models radical belonging in God’s family.

Following the example of Jesus who invited people from all walks of life, Q Christian Fellowship practices hospitality with people across the spectrum of identities and beliefs.

The Bible swells with stories of unlikely communities finding connection beyond disagreement because they were centered by their love of God and love of neighbor as themselves. Like estuaries which teem with life despite the unlikely mixture of salt-water and fresh-water inhabitants, we believe protecting differences is integral to cultivating healthy communities, healthy families, and healthy selves. In all things, we strive to model the diversity and richness of God’s Kingdom.

With trust and bravery we strive to share our true selves, receive one another while embracing our differences, and invite connection within our shared humanity.  In order to seek justice and love mercy, we will strive for reconciliation, pursue anti-racist outcomes, and work towards the creation of equity.

Through fostering growth, community and relational justice, Q Christian Fellowship works to connect all of us with God’s ‘Good News.’

We invite you to find belonging here.


Centered by Christ’s Commandment to love God and love neighbor as we love ourselves, we:

  • Model radical belonging

  • Practice hospitality

  • Connect beyond disagreement

  • Protect differences

  • Share our true selves

  • Strive for reconciliation

  • Pursue anti-racist outcomes

  • Work towards equity