Nathanial Green

Communications Manager

Nathanial was raised in Assemblies of God and nondenominational congregations while attending Lutheran schools in Michigan’s Great Lakes Bay Region. The multiplicity of Protestant perspectives he internalized throughout his childhood gave him respect for the variances in tradition within his own faith. It was in high school that he first confronted his sexuality, and through the internet, was exposed to the theological possibilities Q Christian Fellowship made accessible. This brief contact with another way of being in the world set him on a course for radical theological and personal transformation.

Pursuing a degree in ecclesial music, Nathanial attended and recently graduated from Liberty University, founded by the late Rev. Jerry Falwell, Sr. Between his sophomore and junior years, he realized he couldn’t put the subject off anymore, and through a painful process of growth and discovery, he became affirming. From that point forward, he began coming out and deconstructing, eventually publicly writing about his experiences while at Liberty from 2017 to 2018.

Nathanial lives in Nashville, Tennessee, working as the Communications and Operations Specialist for GracePointe Church, a beautiful Progressive Christian community. He and his husband Elliot, a Liberty graduate from the same hall, live just south of the city with their cat, Merlin.