Matt Stolhandske

Board Member

Matt Stolhandske is a hyperpolyglot working at the intersection of finance, technology, venture capital, economic development and social impact. He believes in the absolute authority of the Gospel to redeem humanity and, as a tool thereof, the innate power of markets and social enterprise to fight poverty and injustice. He is a Principal at the Boston Consulting Group (Digital Ventures), a fellow of MIT's Urban Risk Lab, and a Global Shaper with the World Economic Forum. He co-founded Recupera Chile, an economic recovery non-profit. He is also the co-founder of Sinapis, a Christian non-profit organization that provides Gospel-focused training, consulting, mentorship and funding to start-up stage, small and medium enterprises in east Africa.

Matt was formerly a doctoral student at Oxford University studying political/economic sociology, and holds a Master of Public Administration in Political and Economic Development from Harvard, a graduate certificate of Christian Education from Redeemer Seminary, and both a Master of Public Accounting and a Bachelor of Business Administration from UT Austin. He began working for McKinsey & Company in Dallas, Texas after finishing his first Masters degree and has been heavily involved in tech, energy and disaster recovery/risk management throughout the rest of his career.