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Lauren Moser

Operations Director


Lauren came to Q Christian after a long journey searching for a place to be fully authentic in her spirituality. She rediscovered her faith through the campus Christian ministry, The Navigators, while attending Colorado State University for her undergraduate studies. It was through her involvement with The Navigators that she first felt a call to ministry. However, as a newly-minted business graduate, she was unsure of what ministry would look like for her practically. She eventually mustered up the courage to pack her bags and move to Texas to pursue a dual-program in business and theology. Though Lauren knew virtually nothing about seminary prior to attending, she hoped the one Bible study she led in college would be preparation enough for an advanced degree in biblical studies. She was, in a word, wrong. Nonetheless, she greatly enjoyed the experience and discovered a love for community development along the way. 

Lauren is grateful to work for an organization like Q Christian where all aspects of her personhood are celebrated and given a safe place to grow. Lauren holds an MBA from Baylor University and an M.Div from Truett Theological Seminary. She is certified as a Project Management Professional and is passionate about poverty alleviation and social justice. She lives in Denver, Colorado and can frequently be found in the Rocky Mountains backpacking, skiing, running, and sipping whiskey neat.