2020 Conference

Breakout Session OVERVIEW

We appreciate your consideration in submitting a proposal to present a breakout session at Q Christian Fellowship’s 2020 Conference: The Great Communion! Because we aim to provide opportunities for you to share your true selves while honoring our differences, this year we have completely reworked our breakout session application process in order to seek more diverse identities, theologies, expertise and content. We have also prepared a more detailed explanation of the conference theme and focus. Please review carefully the conference theme and focus below and the categories of breakouts that we are seeking and fully provide the requested information.

We are also excited to announce that for the first time, Q Christian Fellowship will be extending to ALL selected breakout presenters (up to 3 registrations per breakout) $100 off registration to the conference as part of our newly revised Volunteer Appreciation Perks! Also, priority Scholarship consideration will be given to conference volunteers, including breakout presenters, who have demonstrated financial need through the application process.


The theme for the 2020 Q Christian Fellowship Conference is The Great Communion. The conference passage is 1 Corinthians 12:22-26. We aim to explore how we ‘commune’ with one another while honoring many layers of diversity, including differences that are racial, theological, ethical, political, etc. Communion with one another teaches us to fully see and value one another, rather than dividing off into bubbles of shared identities, beliefs or values. We aim to encourage each unique person to be seen, valued and supported by our community, within our diversity and even amidst disagreement. We believe this is only made possible through centering our identity in Christ. We believe it would be helpful if breakout presenters integrated some of the following themes into their presentations:

  • Identity in Christ

  • Oneness

  • Re-member

  • Abide

  • Table

  • Shared meal

  • Commune

  • Exchange - Vulnerability

  • Fracture and repair

  • Empathy

  • Compassion

  • Equity

  • Creating space

  • Relational equity

  • Nothing diminishes my value

  • Value/see another’s being

  • To be loved/known - unconditional love

  • Mirror

  • Humanity

  • Embrace relational paradoxes

With this focus in mind, please read the following breakout category descriptions and select the one (or more) that fits your proposed breakout. You must choose at least one category that applies to your breakout proposal.


  1. Sexual Ethics and Expression - The diversity of sexual ethics within our community is expansive and we hope to come alongside one another to explore how we value and express sexuality, all in the context of our shared Christian faith. Breakout presenters who have credentials and experience in the study of sexual ethics and health are highly desirable. If your proposal fits into this category, please present a spectrum of the subject matter you will be covering and where your work falls into that spectrum. Please explicitly specify whether your subject matter would include affirming and relevant discussion of sexual ethics for those who pursue: celibacy, monogamy, waiting until marriage (WUM), polyamory, non-monogamy, and/or any other sexual ethic.

  2. Reconciling Scripture: Faith, Gender Identity and Sexuality - we are interested in theological breakouts that grapple with the tensions of reconciling sexuality and/or gender identity with faith for LGBTQ Christians and their families/allies. This tension has been known to lead to a fracture in relationships between God and self and between  self and others. In grappling with scripture we hope to repair what has been broken and create a space where theological diversity can thrive. Breakout presenters who have credentials and experience in studying theology and ministry are highly desirable.

  3. Building Healthy Relationships: Dialogue and Managing Conflict - we are interested in breakouts that explore the complexity of relationships, promoting healthy communication and managing conflicts in relationships in a way that promotes relational equity. Breakouts that explore the awareness required to understand the dialogue occuring inside of us and outside of us and the vulnerability to communicate healthily are a great fit for this category. Breakout presenters who have credentials and experience in the mental health, mediation and/or coaching fields are highly desirable.

  4. Equity, Allyship and Intersectionality: Racial, Theological, and Relational - “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”  We are interested in breakouts that promotes justice for those in the margins, seeking equity and intersectionality, racially, theologically and relationally. Example topics include black liberation theology, womanist theory, study of the cultural and political effects of white-centered theology, and teaching on how to use privilege to promote racial equity.

  5. Coming Out: Guidance and Experiences (for parents and/or newly out persons) - we are interested in breakouts that share the experience of coming out and the braveness, compassion and empathy one needs. Breakout geared toward the person themselves, as well as their parents, and explore the positive and negative experiences one has as an LGBTQ+ Christian making their true self known are of high interest.

  6. Living In Community and Singleness - we are interested in breakouts that explore the often overlooked idea of intentional community. Whether celibacy-affirming or not, the process of reconciling faith and sexuality can often involve loneliness and/or redefined scope of community. How does one intentionally build community and healthy aromantic relationships? The over-prioritization of marriage and being partnered preoccupies the Church in many way and we want to explore, what role do aromantic relationships play in our lives?

  7. Gender Diversity - We are interested in breakouts that explore gender identity and experiences related to gender. People of all expansive gender identities, including those who identify as transgender, nonbinary, agender, genderqueer, genderfluid, Two Spirit, or as a person of transgender experience are encouraged to apply.

  8. Unchanged Movement - In furtherance of our Unchanged Movement initiative, we are interested in breakouts that (1) proclaim God’s love and affirmation of LGBTQ+ experiences, identities, and expressions of selves; and those that (2) educate the community regarding efforts to counter the damage wrought in the name of God through ex-gay theologies and philosophies, including but not limited to efforts to legally ban conversion therapy.

Applications are due September 15th, 2019.

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Q Christian does not discriminate, lawfully or unlawfully, on the basis of race, ethnicity, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, national origin, age, physical ability, economic status, marital status or military status.
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