Q Christian Book Club

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Join the Q Christian Book Club! Each month, a new title will be chosen with discussion facilitated by Q Christian staff and volunteers. We pray this will be a thoughtful space for us to come together as a community to discuss important matters of faith and sexuality in a unique context, all while amplifying new and diverse voices in a variety of genres. The club starts the first week of March, with Co-Executive Director Sam Locke leading discussion about the novel "Southernmost" by Silas House.

Details about participation are forthcoming! Be on the look-out for some more information on March 1st in our email, social media, and here on the website. And in the meantime, start reading!

Interested in leading a month? Check out the guidelines below.

Q Christian Fellowship Book Club Guidelines

We are so happy you are interested in facilitating a month of the Q Christian Book Club! We pray this will be a thoughtful space for us to come together as a community to discuss important matters of faith and sexuality in a unique context. Using this overview as a guide, please direct your suggestion to sam.locke@qchristian.org for consideration. Not every selection will meet all of the aspirational guidelines below but preference will be given to choices that take as many of these into consideration as possible.

Does/Is my book

  • Easy to acquire? Is the text priced reasonably? Is it available from retailers with robust distribution systems? Is it available from many public libraries? Are alternative formats like audio available?

  • Engage our mission? Does the text bring forth relevant discussion about BOTH faith and sexuality/gender identity? Does it engage Q Christian’s mission focus by engaging the topics of spiritual formation, building Christian community and seeking relational justice?

  • Amplify new voices and perspectives? Ideas to consider include non-American geographic settings, communities underrepresented in the Q Christian community (people of color, women, trans/gender non-conforming, mature queer voices (60+), and genres not typically engaged in the regular course of our work (fiction, collections of poetry, dramatic scripts, memoirs, etc.). Is there a way for participants to engage directly with the author as part of your plan?

  • Enjoyable and/or thought provoking? Will participants have a fun experience? What will participants have gained by participating?

Sample Preparation Schedule

No later than 2 months before start: Facilitator selected
No later than 6 weeks before scheduled start: Books and thought prompts approved
No later than 1 month before start: Facilitation schedule submitted and approved

Minimum Expectation

At least 90 minutes of programmed//facilitated activity each week during your scheduled month with written thought prompts that can be understood in the context of the programmed activity or stand on their own to be used on a discussion board, with an in-person small group, etc.

Examples of Programmed/Facilitated Activity

  • Facilitated/structured zoom session

  • A Facebook live lecture or reading from the content author

  • A “live discussion” on Twitter

  • Be creative, the key is to add structure to remote environments

Sample Monthly Schedule

  • Week 1 - 90 minute Zoom session discussing thought-prompts

  • Week 2 - 90 minute Zoom session discussing thought-prompts

  • Week 3 - A facilitated discussion in the Q Christian discussion boards

  • Week 4 - A Facebook live reading from the author with questions submitted in advance

Again, be creative!

Sample Thought Prompts

  1. What symbolism do you find in the book starting with a flood?

  2. At the end of the book, Asher and Luke are performing the same job. Did that hold any significance for you?

  3. What “labels” did you identify in the book? To what extent did their portrayal match your default experience with people holding those labels? How did it differ from your experience?

  4. Southernmost presents a wide diversity of reactions to homosexuality. How have you experienced each of these reactions personally? Did any of the characters hit especially close to home?

  5. In what ways was God working through the author’s narrative?

  6. Do you agree with the author that the book ends on a “note of hope?”

Facilitator Appreciation

Monthly facilitators will receive $100 in Q-credits, redeemable for Q Christian merchandise or event registrations.