Join us at the PoC Retreat!

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Hello from David and Darren, your retreat facilitators! It is an absolute honor to be leading the People of Color retreat at Q Christian’s 2019 Summer Retreat, a place to disconnect from everyday life and find community with other LGBTQ Christians and allies. As the days draw near to us gathering in Fort Lauderdale, we want to give you a sense of what to expect in your time with us.

Why attend the POC retreat? This is meant to be a time to exhale. We want to establish a protective space that's for us and by us where we are free to express our experiences and hopes as an underrepresented group within the queer minority.

Churches and other organizations aim to create diverse LGBTQ spaces where those of us who identify as POC are represented and welcome, but often those spaces are still white-centric and can feel alienating. Whether that’s through the music, topics or speakers, simply having an event open to POC can be shortsighted and feel inauthentic. What does it look like for our whole-selves to belong and be celebrated?

As we discussed the ideas for this retreat, we talked about our unique experiences of being both a person of color and gay.  Growing up, Darren felt like he had to choose between being gay and being black when it comes to what spaces he could find to socialize. David has had the experience that many of us have had where, because he’s Hispanic, expectations of his intellectual abilities are set low and people are surprised when he is ‘articulate.’ In conversations with others we’ve found that many people share these experiences and have felt like they were the only ones. For us, it makes a gathering like this a special time to heal and be restored.

What will happen at the POC Retreat? Together, we want to create a space where we talk about our lives, dream about our futures, and build each other up with encouragement and new connections. You can also expect time to quietly reflect and calm your mind with guided meditation.  We want you to bring your whole self and leave empowered in all of who you are.

So don’t hold back, come along with us. We look forward to being with you!

We’re excited to see you in Fort Lauderdale! Registration for the Q Summer Retreat is now open.