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The church is engulfed in what seems like endless chaos these days, have you noticed? With every scandal and denominational schism, every mind-numbing Pat Robertson sound bite and every post from PasterSneakers IG account, association with faith, religion and spirituality is under warranted scrutiny. Church leaders are under increased pressure to not just lead their congregations, but embody an obligation of being above reproach in the eyes of a watching world that has shifting expectations. If you’ve been in “professional ministry” any length of time, you’re likely experiencing the present disruption in a variety of ways. Perhaps you’re energized by what feels like an awakening of the burgeoning potential of the Body of Christ. Or maybe you’re more cynical and finding it difficult to find any signs of light at the end of an increasingly dim tunnel. Likely you’ve had moments of questioning your own complicity in what is rapidly being revealed to be a largely toxic system that spans the globe and has permeated every industry on the planet.

Since October 2017 we’ve been interfacing with hundreds of church leaders from around the world, in response to co-founding Church Clarity. It’s been an eye opening 18 months as demands for clarity throughout the church have caused a bit of a stir. The response from pastors and clergy, when it comes to the work we’re championing, has raised some fascinating questions and sparked illuminating discussions about the state of the church, the future of the church and the nature of ministry in general. We’re excited to co-lead a session for clergy at this summer’s retreat hosted by QCF. Together, we’ll explore some of the most urgent issues facing Christianity and what Clarity looks like personally, organizationally, and institutionally. We believe that all healthy individuals and organizations must begin from a place of clarity — by looking at oneself in the mirror and being honest about what you see.

We don’t have all the answers in terms of what you can expect, simply because the implications of clarity and its impact on the future of the church is wide open. What we know is that technology is accelerating the exposure of harmful ambiguity throughout the church. Clarity is empowering pastors who are not afraid to express their convictions in ways that were previously unavailable. We want to explore this further by sharing some of what we’ve learned as well as hear directly from those of you who are currently on the frontlines of this ever shifting landscape.

We want to spend the majority of our time together exploring themes of how you as a church leader can utilize the tool of clarity to help shape the future of the church.

Whoever you are and whichever church you are connected to, we hope you’ll join us this Summer in Florida. See you there!

George Mekhail & Sarah Ngu
Co-Founders of Church Clarity

We’re excited to see you in Fort Lauderdale! Registration for the Q Summer Retreat is now open.