Introducing Our New Executive Directors

Q Christian Fellowship announces new co-executive directors, triune leadership model

FEDERAL WAY, Washington, September 4, 2018 – The Q Christian Fellowship (formerly the Gay Christian Network) has hired three co-executive directors, organized in a trinity-inspired leadership model. Ben Mann, Chair of the Q Christian Fellowship Board of Directors, said, “The board believes this model of leadership will allow for a constant stream of fresh ideas and diverse opinions as we strive to fulfill Q Christian's mission as a vibrant LGBTQIA community within the life of the church.”

The three co-executive directors are:

Isaac Archuleta - Archuleta, the current Interim Executive Director and a mental health professional, will be the Executive Director of Spiritual and Relational Formation. In this role, Archuleta will be responsible for driving Q Christian Fellowship’s content and online resources and be focused on the overall well-being of the entire Q Christian Community.

Bukola Landis-Aina - Landis-Aina, a former board member of Q Christian Fellowship and corporate attorney, will be the Executive Director of Communications and Internal Logistics. In her role, Landis-Aina will be responsible for internal project and task management and will spearhead communications strategy for the organization.

Sam Locke - Locke, a former fundraising and marketing executive for the Presbyterian Church (USA), will be the Executive Director for Development and Sustainability. Locke will be charged with financial management and executing the organization’s fundraising and events strategies.

Mann said of the new executive team, “These three individuals bring unique experiences and qualifications to Q Christian Fellowship. By having a foot in their area of professional expertise along with their part-time role with Q Christian, they will be able to truly be in touch with the real-world needs of our community.”

Archuleta, Landis-Aina, and Locke have already begun their work for the organization and will be introduced more fully to the community in a panel-discussion keynote at the annual Q Christian Fellowship Conference, to be held January 10-13, 2019 in Chicago, Illinois.

Learn more about each of our new co-executive directors for the Q Christian Fellowship.

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