Grieving With You

When it became final that Justin Lee was departing from GCN, I was in a state of sorrow. I felt an overwhelming sense of grief and sadness that my friend who had helped me so much in my own spiritual journey was no longer going to be part of the organization I have grown to love.
Then, when the announcement was finally made public, I relived my initial experiences of sadness and grief as I read and listened to all the comments from the community. I wanted to read each one that I could, because I felt each voice needed to be heard. And I want to acknowledge to the GCN community that we hear your grief and frustration. And we are saddened by it.

I know there is a season for everything, and in this season, I not only want to reflect on all the good that Justin has accomplished through his service at GCN, but I also want to give myself space to grieve. I hope each of us creates that space for however long we need it.

And we also hear that you’d like us to be more transparent. And we want you to know that transparency is important to us. But as it stands, we are legally prohibited from sharing more information with you. We unfortunately cannot reveal anything further regarding Justin’s departure. We grieve that this has caused frustration for you.

As I stand here with my fellow board members, we can attest that the past few months have been extremely difficult. We are united in believing that this work that the Lord had begun through Justin, will continue to accomplish amazing things. And we will say that our mission has not changed. There are still untold numbers of marginalized people who suffer because of their identities. So we pray that through this period of hardship and grief, God will do even greater things—both through GCN and the new ministry of Justin Lee. May God be with each of us.

On behalf of the Board,

Danny Cortez
Board Member