Who We Will Always Be


As part of the GCN community, and trustees of its mission, the members of the Board of Directors are aware of the shock caused by yesterday’s announcement. Transitions in leadership are never easy, regardless of the good will that may be behind them. We were sensitive to the concerns the announcement would raise, and have planned to reach out to you today. Out of respect for Justin and his legacy we decided to wait a couple of days to announce the name of the Interim Executive Director. We are looking forward to sharing that news tomorrow. 

We are not at liberty to speak about what transpired in recent months. But we are delighted to speak about the bright future GCN has ahead. We are encouraged by the success of the initiatives we have already launched—the Parents and Youth Retreats, and our devotional series, to name a few. I personally can’t wait to share more of what’s in store in due time. 
As our statement yesterday mentioned, some changes are coming. We look forward to better representing and embracing the full diversity of our community—the beautiful diversity of God’s creation. We want GCN to include more women and people of color, and we want our new name to reflect our full embrace of our trans and non-binary siblings in Christ. 

But we also want to reassure you that certain things are never changing.

We will always be a Christ-centered, Spirit-led organization. Our Christian faith is what brought us together, and it will always remain the central focus of our work. We will thrive in the unity of the Body of Christ, and our commitment to nurture and sustain the faith of all members of our community will not falter. To be clear, GCN will always be a spiritual home for both Side A and Side B. 

Please keep us in your prayers, especially as we meet at the end of this month for our annual Board and Staff retreat. Pray that Christ’s love and grace continue to guide us into the future.


Susan Shopland
Chair, GCN Board of Directors