The 2017 GCN Parents’ Retreat was a success!

“I walked in with trepidation,
and found love...”

More than 70 parents from across the United States, and as far away as the United Kingdom made history last week by attending our first-ever Parents’ Retreat. GCN Board of Directors member Pastor Danny Cortez delivered a powerful keynote speech, encouraging us all to embrace the journey, even when it brings about pain—trusting that God is making all things beautiful, all things new. Director of Operations Constantino Khalaf and his husband, David, also spoke, sharing their journey as they navigate the waters of faith and marriage. 

The breakout sessions, all geared toward helping parents better understand their LGBTQ children, included a panel of representatives of various segments of our community: A bi trans woman, a Side A lesbian, a Side B gay man, a Side A gay man, and a trans man. These panelists graciously answered questions that many parents have but are afraid to ask their children. Other topics included how to be a better ally, and a conversation about scripture.

Here are some of our favorite quotes from attendees:

“I walked in with trepidation and found love, compassion, kindness—fruits of the Spirit. Thanks to GCN, I will be a better parent and servant of God. Praise God!”

“Amazing conference that ministered to my heart and brought me to a new level of affirming and understanding. I only wish I would have had more time to talk with more people.” 

“Pastor Danny Cortez was so encouraging. He led us into God’s presence and challenged us to love and persevere. Very, very good.”

Watch Danny Cortez's Keynote