Ben Mann

Board Member

Ben is a Project Manager at Cook Ross, Inc in Washington, DC, specializing in solutions for companies, universities, governments, and non-profits around building diverse and inclusive work cultures. He is also a Presidential Scholar and Seminarian at Central Baptist Theological Seminary in Shawnee, KS. Ben was recently named a Top Writer in the "LGBTQ" section of He is a regular contributor to the OnlyLads dating app blog, and has been featured in HuffPo Queer Voices multiple times.

In 2016, Ben was awarded special funds through his seminary to provide trainings to churches on issues of Unconscious Bias and Leadership Development. He enjoys the opportunity to engage church leaders in forming as more effective agents of inclusion. Being a good Baptist, Ben is a graduate of Baylor University and the University of Missouri-Kansas City, holding degrees in International Studies and Public Administration. When he is not serving Q Christian, Ben is studying to be a Chaplain, Facetiming with nephews, or causing problems.

The name Q Christian Fellowship signals to me that our community is more than a person, or a series of points in a mission statement. It means that we are strong, that we are flexible, and that we are able to change, which is what God wants from us. The ability to change, then change again, and then, again. Change means that we know that we are loved, and now we want to demonstrate that same love to an ever-expanding community of people who know or don't know how they identify in the world. Q CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP is a chance for others from us to cue into what God is calling us to do, to provide an actual experience of faith - raw, honest, and unconditional. All are welcome. Go in peace!