2019 Q Christian Events

“Love Undivided” Q Christian Fellowship Conference

Thank you for joining us in Chicago for the Love Undivided conference! This year we celebrated the love that unites us as the LGBTQ+ faith community: love for our faith, love for our community, love for ourselves.

Each January, Christians from around the world gather at the Q Christian Conference for fellowship, worship, support, and more. Whether you’re LGBTQ+, you love someone who is, or you just want to learn more, this four-day event is designed for you. Featuring world-class speakers, thought-provoking content, and entertainment from some of today’s top artists, the conference is a friendly, uplifting weekend for Christians of all backgrounds to make new friends, share their stories, and have their faith re-energized.

Archived information from the conference can be found here.

Parent Summit

As Christian parents or grandparents, many of us have experienced some form of crisis around a loved one coming out. Questions, doubts, and concerns fuel our anxiety. Well-meaning family & friends often cause more confusion than comfort. All of this can be overwhelming. This is when we need the support and company of other Christian parents who “get us” and who understand the rocky places we are navigating with our loved ones and our faith convictions. Friends who have gone before and walked in our shoes. Parents who are learning how to love their children well and are happy to share the journey with us...This is the Q Christian Parent Summit!

The Q Christian Parent Summit seeks to encourage, equip, and connect parents of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer children. We strive to support & unify families through unconditional love in a Christ-honoring way.  

Q Summer Retreat

The Q Summer Retreat hopes to become a place for us all to come together to have fun and fellowship together while offering affinity groups a place to gather with their own space and programming, receiving logistical and financial support from the national Q Christian organization.

Come and relax with our chosen family or take part in planned activities and retreats!

2020 Q Christian Events

“The Great Communion” Q Christian Fellowship Conference

Registration is now open!

Next year's conference will be held at the premier Marriott Harbor Beach Resort & Spa and feature the same quality programming attendees have come to expect along with some exciting touches that only the nations most LGBTQ+ affirming metro area could offer. Check back often for programming announcements, along with pre- and post-conference add-on activities including a New Year's Eve celebration!