Q Christian Fellowship

We are a diverse community with varied backgrounds, cultures, theologies and denominations, drawn together through our love of Christ and our belief that every person is a beloved child of God.

We recognize that the church has not and does not always make it easy for those who identify as lesbian, gay, transgender, bisexual, same gender loving, queer, intersex, gender fluid or questioning to reconcile these aspects of themselves with their Christian identity. We are witnesses to both the harm that faith communities can inflict, and the hope and healing that is possible through Christ.

By gathering together, embracing our differences, and celebrating our shared trust in God’s love in Christ, we seek to point toward the full inclusivity to which God is calling us. Just as Jesus led by example in his life on earth, we are dedicated to living out a transformative example of fellowship in the world.

Wherever you are on your journey, whether you are examining your own identity or walking along side others, you have found a place of welcome. We are grateful that God has brought you here, and we look forward to sharing the path forward together.


Watch our Renaming Ceremony at the 2018 Conference

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Employment Opportunities

Co-Executive Team of Three

Q Christian Fellowship is seeking candidates for a new Executive Team of three, part-time people to lead the ministry into the future.

Based on the biblical example of shared, servant leadership, our Executive Team will follow a triune model where all three leaders will work with mutual and shared authority and responsibility. While each of the three will have distinct roles and responsibilities, collaborative planning and decision-making will be a strength of this team. This Executive Team will be responsible for overseeing the administration, programs and strategic plan of the organization. Other key duties include fundraising, marketing, and community outreach. All three members of the team will report directly to the Board of Directors.

Basic role descriptions are below.  For full job descriptions and information on the application process, please click here.  Application deadline is May 9, 2018.

Q Christian Fellowship is an equal opportunity ministry that values intersectional justice and will prioritize the new Executive Team reflecting the diversity in our broader community.


Role I: Co-Executive Director for Program & Communications

Works with board and staff to ensure that the mission is fulfilled through programs, community building, and outreach.

  • Responsible for implementation of Q Christian’s programs that carry out the organization’s mission.
  • Responsible for creating a program plan that will include developing resources and content that will build the Christian community of Q Christian on a national, regional, online, and personal basis.
  • Responsible for creating a communications and promotion plan and oversee all marketing and other communications efforts.
  • Responsible for the enhancement of Q Christian’s image by being active and visible in the community and by working closely with other professional, civic, church, and private organizations.
  • Establish and maintain relationships with various organizations throughout the world and utilize those relationships to strategically enhance Q Christian’s Mission.


Role II: Co-Executive Director for Financial Management & Fundraising

Develops and manages resources sufficient to ensure the financial health of the organization.

  • Responsible for the fiscal integrity of Q Christian, submitting a proposed annual budget and monthly financial statements to the Board, which accurately reflect the financial condition of the organization.
  • Responsible for fiscal management that generally anticipates operating within the approved budget, ensures maximum resource utilization, and maintenance of the organization in a positive financial position.
  • Responsible for management of annual budget and overseeing maintenance of accounting systems.
  • Responsible to develop a fundraising plan, ensuring its implementation while developing other resources necessary to support Q Christian’s mission.


Role III: Co-Executive Director for Operations & Staff Management

Oversees and implements the operations of the organization to assure resources are leveraged appropriately.

  • Responsible and effective administration of Q Christian's operations.
  • Responsible for the hiring and retention of competent, qualified staff; management of staff including encouraging collaborative work, providing consistent direction, supervision, and evaluation, and ensuring staff have opportunity to grow in their skills and contribution.
  • Responsible for recruitment, support, engagement, and development of volunteers.
  • Establishing employment and administrative policies and procedures for all functions and for the day-to-day operation of the nonprofit.
  • Responsible for signing all notes, agreements, and other instruments made and entered into and on behalf of the organization.
  • Responsible for overseeing all contracts, legal filings, all other documents of the organization.

Our Mission

Guided by the light and love of Christ, Q Christian Fellowship is transforming attitudes toward LGBTQIA people across denominations and cultures.

We equip churches, educate lay people, build supportive communities, influence key thought leaders, foster self-acceptance, and advocate on behalf of the marginalized and oppressed.

our vision

Together, we are creating a world where the next generation of LGBTQIA youth will grow up fully loved and embraced by their families, churches, and neighbors; and where Christians worldwide will live up to their calling as instruments of grace and defenders of the outcasts.

Meet the Team

Our Staff work together to coordinate, organize, and bring our mission and vision to life.

The Board of Directors oversees financial and administrative matters for the organization.